Top 10 Best Bitcoin Stocks to Buy in 2020



Always bet on RED


Lykke - Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, FX and Digital Assets

Lykke is building a global marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets. By leveraging the power of emerging technology, our platform eliminates market inefficiencies, promotes equal access from anywhere in the world, and supports the trade of any object of value. The Lykke Exchange is fast and secure. Users receive direct ownership of assets with immediate settlement from any mobile device.

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91:Clicks Earning.$2 91:Video Earning.$2 60:Network Earning.$9 91:Share Earning.$2
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Earn 2 every click and 10 ever register
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The Bitcoin News Shares dividend payout today 0.00006456 BTC / per share! Invest now!

The Bitcoin News Shares dividend payout today for 4/2014
0.00006456 BTC / per share
Invest in us!
The Bitcoin News Network offers Bitcoin investors exclusive right to participate from advertising income from the Bitcoin News Network (, and ).
TBN Bitcoin Shares:
Available Shares total :
100,000 (One Hundred Thousand) 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) Investors 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) Bitcoin SARL 
Dividend per Share : 0.001% Dividend payout : 15th of month / for the last month IPO price sold 0.001 BTC / Share ( 3/2014 )
Buy “TBN” Bitcoin Shares go to sign up and go to menu Shares.
Dividends from advertising:
2/2014 : 0.00000860 BTC per share
3/2014 : 0.00001750 BTC per share
4/2014 : 0.00006456 BTC per share
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Grayscale bitcoin etf bought another 3,729 Bitcoins sometime in the past 2 days

Remember the thread i made 2 days ago saying Grayscale bought 5,973, well they just bought another 3,729 bitcoins on top of that!

Shares Outstanding 423,052,100‡
Bitcoin per Share 0.00095760‡
= 405,114.69096 Bitcoins owned by grayscale

2 days ago
Shares Outstanding419,091,700‡
Bitcoin per Share0.00095775‡
= 401,385.075675 Bitcoins owned by grayscale
= 3,729.61Bitcoins bought by grayscale in the past 2 days.
OR = 9,702 Bitcoins bought by grayscale in the past 5 days!
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What’s the worst thing about Bitcoin?

Is there anything bad about Bitcoin?
We touch on technical criticisms of bitcoin, some negative aspects of its reputation, and explain why there is some social resistance to bitcoin adoption.
Share your thoughts.
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bashco - this user is a scammer.
Messaged me on reddit's chat feature to "share some ideas" with me. The usual preamble which always results in a link to a scam exchange or mining venture.
Context Link
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Taxation on investing in your 1 year held bitcoins in Germany

Hello all, as many of you might know about the german tax low of holding your bitcoins for at least one year for the capital gain to be tax exempted. My question is: Does this include investing these bitcoins after one year or lending them for an interest after holding period will also exempt the interest from being taxed? Or this would on contrary extend the holding period to 10 years considering the bitcoins is becoming one source of income!?
Example, I have 1 bitcoin is September 2019 and kept it for on year. In say october 2020 I started to lend it for a monthly interest. Not selling it, just lending for whatsoever activity the loaner is performing on my lended bitcoins and sharing a monthly interest. Then should this profit I am getting be taxed?
Would appreciate sharing your experience on this. Regards.
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The top 10 people who share the free coin airdrop with the most friends will receive 180 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $1 800 000) Positions 11-110 will receive 18 000 000 coins each (USD value per person $180 000)
You are also rewarded from your friends friends, so be sure to invite friends with lots of friends! When a friend joins rewards you are rewarded based on their introductions to the free coin airdrop too. Anyone who has signed up for the free coin airdrop will receive 3600 Free coins guaranteed ($36 value).
The more you share through your rewards dashboard the more potential to earn!
Welcome to Bitcoin Black Rewards! $36,000,000 to be shared.
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I Love to share this.
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Bitcoin 2008 White Paper-2009-2010 Price Inception

No doubt that these years were the years of Glory! Most important Years of the Technological Evolution, Revolutionizing the Payment System by eliminating third parties and banks' control upon one's capital of money. Everyone who read the White Paper when published in 2008, and afterwards researched it and understood what Bitcoin was while creating a capital waiting to be invested heavily in Bitcoin in long term means when it would be launched in 2009 on first price of 0.008, today are filthy rich in terms of US Dollars since Bitcoin is an Anti-Fiat asset class. However, not everyone might have understood Bitcoin and seen it just as another market to be traded and make money, especially seeing that Bitcoin's ROI which rose up 900% in price just 5 days after it's price lunch on various markets of exchanges. Just imagine back in the day, when with 1$ you could've literally purchased a shitload bag with Bitcoins, approx 1.200BTC's or even more.Or imagine when Bitcoin was gifted or given away on reddit and other platforms.. And look where we are now, when with 1$ U barely buy some satoshis, let alone a whole fraction or a whole Bitcoin. Look where we are now, when Bitcoin has become more of a greed game than being generous. To me, it is mindblowing what opportunities were presented for everyone who stumbled across Bitcoin back then. A time that WILL NEVER come back again, EVER. I can not comprehend the pain and regrets one might have today who knew about this at the time and did not took action. Or, the one's who just traded it due to Bitcoin's ROI in such a short term and nowadays have not what they had when first bought. Arghhh, Destiny ... I wish I were not a 7 years old kiddo when Bitcoin launched, and especially coming from a third world country when finding internet access was a luxury and impossible for poor-middle classes. Let alone mentioning the educational systems that never did any subject upon PC's education. I've been having restless and sleepless nights since I stumbled upon Bitcoin early 2020 after Covid plunged the markets, and I found Bitcoin at it's first price at around 6-7k or something. Finding me with not more than 1k in lifesaving to invest, when nearly 20% of my capital went just to get a cold storage wallet. Today, I find my self just looking on the web-world Bitcoin topics, documentaries behind it's technology, it's revolution etc etc. I feel unlucky and cursed stumbling upon Bitcoin 'so late' in terms of price and accumulation. I can never see my self owning a whole Bitcoin before 2025-2026 if what I have will be traded succesfully on the next peak to buy in lower after the next ATH deep's correction and bear market which is yet to come. And thanks to the Covid sh*t which left me unemployed from having a 250$ salary off taxes to have an income that I can invest monthly, that dream becomes even more far-fetched. I failed pursuing college to get a PHD/Diploma, or better said, I couldn't due to not having money to begin with. Now I'm stuck! I see my future being so gloomy, filled with hardships and thorns not having means of income to go on in life, creating a family or whatever. But hey, to whom am I talking to.. most of Bitcoin investors see Bitcoin to buy them a lambo, or lavish life access, while I'm standing and seeing Bitcoin as an asset that can free me from selling my time for worthless paychecks.. while I'm seeing Bitcoin as an asset which can be passed on to upcoming generations. I wonder why God didn't will for me to know about Bitcoin back than, and have an unimaginable portfolio today, when 100Bitcoin's at current price is equal to 1Million U$Dollars. An amount which could've settled all my blood relatives from the struggles of fiat money working as slaves, buying some real estate to create passive income and all this with only 50 Bitcoins, and the other 50 to be held for long term and be traded twice a year to accumulate more. I wish I was a person when with 1$ could've purchased around 1.000 Bitcoins, I have no doubt in my mind that I would've created an webpage for new Bitcoin incomers and share with them from my abundance. If anyone who read this till the end and it's an early investor up to 10$ per Bitcoin, consider sharing your wealth with your loved ones, friends who understand and want to HODL Bitcoin and to strangers the likes of me who didn't had the opportunity to do so. Afterall, when we die, we won't get any of wealth possession we might have. Cheer up for whatever U have. I have realized life's a b!tch and destiny it's a maze we will never understand from the logical point of view human beings have the ability to think of. I wish you all the best! And do not forget.. NOT YOUR KEYS, NOT YOUR COINS.
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Assuming a current 7.8 billion world population and 16 million Bitcoin accessible in a wallet (accounting for lost/immovable coins), that's 205,128 Satoshis per person, or 0.00205 BTC. That costs $13.85 at the current price. Would you pay $14 for your share just in case?

I know times are tough and not everyone can do this, of course necessities come first, but I would say that the price of three coffees or a case of beer is a sacrifice worth making for putting in place a contingency plan, an insurance policy of sorts if our world's banks cannot manage to pull off the saving of the house of cards.
With $1200 checks on their way to Americans, some will blow far more than $14 of it on less useful things. I hope things don't have to get that bad before they get better, but if they do I bet you'll be glad you thought of yourself and those who depend you and prepared accordingly.
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ChangeNOW is giving away 0.5 BCH in celebration of Bitcoin Cash halving. 5 best BCH price predictions share the prize!

ChangeNOW is giving away 0.5 BCH in celebration of Bitcoin Cash halving. 5 best BCH price predictions share the prize! submitted by ChangeNow_io to btc [link] [comments]

We are having a Bitcoin Halving Contest: 5 users who make the most accurate prediction of BTC price after the Halving will share 0.01 BTC.

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It was a dare, but why are you guys so touchy about this video?
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Monero - The Elephant in the Room

The state of financial privacy in 2020
Note: You can read this in a friendlier format with images over on Medium -
The erosion of personal privacy is gaining momentum since the coronavirus pandemic took hold. Worldwide, there have been numerous calls by governments and social commentators to increase the surveillance of citizens in hope of controlling the virus. Corporations such as Google and Apple, along with countries such as Singapore, Germany, Belgium, USA, and South Korea have been utilizing smartphone data in different capacities to monitor the movements of citizens.
Many believe the implementation of new surveillance measures will calcify and become the new norm, setting precedence for further encroachment.
Mainstream media has also begun supporting the notion of increased surveillance to serve social and financial needs. A recent Bloomberg opinion piece discussed the need for increased surveillance, pointing out the financial system we operate within is fractured and inefficient when dealing with wide spread social and economic problems.
Once again, government over-reach of citizens’ privacy is a considered solution to our problems.
Countries such as Sweden (which is expected to go entirely cashless by 2023) have been leading the charge in moving to a cashless world, and in Australia the government is preparing to ban cash transactions over ten thousand dollars in order to increase monitorization.
This road to a cashless society is being sped up by the coronavirus pandemic. There is correlation between countries where ‘cash is king’ and a high number of coronavirus infections. Many retail stores are now too afraid to accept cash due to possible virus transmission, with some outright refusing to transact with cash.
The erosion of privacy, and the gradual transition from cash to digital financial transactions leads us to murky waters. Will we be able to conduct private financial transactions five to ten years from now?
Throughout the past decade, unorthodox individuals turned to Bitcoin in order to transact privately. This led to the inception of popular online darknet markets such as the Silk Road. However, many of the darknet markets proved to be unreliable and short-lived. It soon became apparent to Bitcoin users that Bitcoin is not private, and many of those conducting transactions in relation to darknet markets were identified and prosecuted.
Blockchain analytic companies such as Chainanalysis gained traction and suddenly Bitcoin tumblers were found to be ineffective. Blockchain analytic companies take advantage of Bitcoin’s transparent blockchain, analysing data and tracking transaction outputs. The blockchain analytic company then sells this information to cryptocurrency exchanges and government organisations so they can link Bitcoin addresses to specific users. Many Bitcoin advocates tout Bitcoin can be used privately via the use of newer tumbling technologies, however this is a somewhat arduous process with no guarantee of its effectiveness. In December 2019 Chainanalysis demonstrated how they tracked transactions mixed via Wasabi Wallet that were associated with the PlusToken scam. Tumbling also leads to the possibility of coin taint, whereas certain Bitcoin may be perceived to be less valuable because they can be identified as being associated with nefarious activities, and as a result exchange services may confiscate coins when a user attempts to sell them.
While Bitcoin holds many desirable characteristics of sound money, many prominent figures within the Bitcoin space have repeatedly discussed on the need for default privacy and fungibility. However, as was seen in previous years’ block size dispute, the issue of privacy will come with great lengthy debate as stakeholders attempt to reach a consensus that does not impact upon the characteristics of Bitcoin.
As change within the social and financial landscape continues to accelerate, those seeking financial privacy may turn to Monero.
Monero is the elephant in the room.
Monero is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and shares many of the same characteristics of sound money, however it also provides default privacy. Unlike other privacy focused cryptocurrencies, privacy isn’t opt-in, so all transactions and wallet amounts are unknown and indistinguishable from one another. Every unit of Monero is valued equally as no matter its history. This allows Monero to be truly fungible, and eradicates any possibility of coin taint. It has proven this in a number of cases. For example, exchanges have been hesitant to list Monero due to KYC/AML compliance issues it raises because it is impossible to determine transaction history.
If Monero provides financial privacy solutions, why is Monero being ignored?
Firstly, while most deem privacy to be important, many are yet to find it necessary to adopt privacy technologies. There are many easy to use privacy solutions such as Signal or DuckDuckGo, however these are not widely used as users opt for convenience instead. As surveillance increases and data collected is harnessed to marginalize or punish users, it is like that privacy technologies will become extremely desirable. Additionally, acquiring Monero can be difficult or inconvenient for some, as cryptocurrency exchanges must comply with laws and regulations, and may perceive it to be a risk listing an untraceable cryptocurrency. This also leads to lower liquidity than other cryptocurrencies.
Monero remains a community driven project. Public figures such as John McAfee and Crypto Vigilante continue to advocate the use of Monero ahead of Bitcoin. Due to its humble and open-source nature, Monero isn’t widely promoted even though it maintains the third largest cryptocurrency community on Reddit after Bitcoin and Ethereum.
In respect to the technology, Monero’s hashrate has steadily been increasing over time, and the number of daily transactions taking place on the Monero blockchain are higher than ever. The Monero Research Lab continues its research in order to improve the protocol. Over the past few years these improvements resulted in reduced transaction fees, and enhanced scalability and privacy.
In just a few years from now, it is extremely likely traditional financial systems will not provide the capacity to transact privately. Banks will be required to ask questions regarding why certain transactions took place, and recorded transaction data will be sold to third parties. As the erosion of our privacy continues to accelerate, it won’t be long until Monero gains the use and recognition it deserves, and price reflects this.
Monero is what people think Bitcoin is.
Feel free to share or publish this article as you wish.
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DeFi Boom Benefits ETH Prices as Gas Fees Soar—Crypto Market Daily

DeFi Boom Benefits ETH Prices as Gas Fees Soar—Crypto Market Daily
The market-leading cryptocurrency made a correction after testing the $12,000 resistance level twice. Bitcoin’s share of the overall crypto market capitalization fell to a year-to-date low of 54.6%, on account of some major altcoins unrelated to DeFi also saw sharp rises overnight while a number of DeFi tokens have seen big pullbacks due to their rapid price increases. On the other hand, Ethereum gas fees skyrocket as DeFi yield-farming projects have clogged the network.
Click the link for more
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Ripple News Today – Ripple XRP Breaks Out of the $0.22 Level as Bitcoin’s Market Share Reaches 65.5% – May 3rd, 2020

Ripple News Today – Ripple XRP Breaks Out of the $0.22 Level as Bitcoin’s Market Share Reaches 65.5% – May 3rd, 2020 submitted by Ranzware to BitNewsLive [link] [comments]

NanoKidz proposal- grass roots marketing

Hello everyone.
A few months ago I made a new Nano subreddit called nanokidz. When I first created it I did not know what I wanted it to be for why I was doing it. During my first post about it may have appeared that I was making a nanocurrency competitor and I got a little flack. Looking back I can't say 100% that was not my intention. There may have been a part of me that was motivated by that.
However, now I have found a better and more useful role for Nano's adoption. That is to make nanokidz a sub to promote exclusively grassroots marketing and Nano evangelism. I would like the sub to be a place where people can discuss meetups, conversations that had with people, twitter outreaches, ect.
I think that in order for Nano to be adopted to a Bitcoin level at the least we need to emulate Bitcoins marketing in it early years. Bitcoin did not have a marketing team or marketing fund. It had people who believed in Bitcoin, helped develop Bitcoin, and share Bitcoin with others. Looking past his weaknesses someone like Roger Ver is someone that helped Bitcoin get visibility. He had a habit of asking if a place accepted Bitcoin before making any purchase and made Bitcoin his life (to a degree).
Nano needs similar efforts. We dont need one rich person to fund marketing or the dev team to market Nano. While things like a Coinbase listing would help, thats not what will make or break Nano. What we need is for us to start talking about Nano. We need to ask restaurants if they accept it, talk about it with our tech friends (and others), host Nano/DAG meetups, ect.
Someone like Patrick Luberus is a great example of grass roots Nano marketing.
To bring this full circle, this is my desire for NanoKidz. I would want the sub to promote grass roots marketing and for the users of the sub to be a "Nano Kid."
With that said if anyone is interested, I am in need of moderators and people to help get the ball rolling.
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Bitstarz! Crazy sign up bonus.. instant withdrawals and no real personal info needed. Figured I’d share if your bored doing theses times..
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We are giving away 0.5 BCH in celebration of Bitcoin Cash Halving. 5 users who make the most accurate BCH price prediction will share the prize!

We are giving away 0.5 BCH in celebration of Bitcoin Cash Halving. 5 users who make the most accurate BCH price prediction will share the prize! submitted by ChangeNow_io to altcoin_news [link] [comments]

ChangeNOW is giving away 0.5 BCH in celebration of Bitcoin Cash halving. 5 best BCH price predictions share the prize!

ChangeNOW is giving away 0.5 BCH in celebration of Bitcoin Cash halving. 5 best BCH price predictions share the prize! submitted by ChangeNow_io to CryptoCurrencies [link] [comments]

BitShares - YouTube How to invest in bitcoin currency images - YouTube Mine FREE 0.001 Bitcoin daily! HASHFISH BTC Crypto Miner GBTC Explained For Beginners! (Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ... Bitcoin - What You NEED To Know Before Investing in ...

Whether you own one share of Bitcoin Investment Trust before the split, or 91 shares after, you'll still own approximately 0.0918 bitcoins, and the value of your shares should continue to roughly ... The mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. DGAP-News: Bitcoin Group SE: Cryptocurrencies in Germany more popularly than shares - and is marketplace number one Historical Prices Feb. 04 2021 Mar. 05 2021 Last Update June 8th, 2020.A Bitcoin Stock Exchange is a trading platform where people can access real-time prices to freely buy, sell or exchange bitcoin with other virtual currencies or traditional fiat currencies such as the US dollar ($), Euro (€) or British Pound (£).. In order to trade professionally and have full access to various trading tools, customers must open an account on a ... The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is stored and exchanged securely on the internet through a digital ledger known as a blockchain. Bitcoins are divisible into smaller units known as satoshis — each satoshi is worth 0.00000001 bitcoin.

[index] [10522] [20184] [2456] [3893] [21064] [2389] [7879] [29251] [14598] [19229]

BitShares - YouTube

HashFish. Make money online and I will teach you how to earn free bitcoins from mining. Mine 0.001 btc daily, fast mining and instant withdrawals! Make money... Have you ever wondered what GBTC is? Crypto/Bitcoin traders on YouTube and other channels have often mentioned GBTC instead of just regular Bitcoin. In fact ... Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett speaks to CNBC's Becky Quick about what he thinks about bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets. For more of Warren Buff... Start trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency here: Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. All Bitcoin transactions are docume... In this video I try to breakdown the "cryptographic problem" that people reference when they talk about bitcoin mining.